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About Us

Outside of Bluecrown Extracts building

Our company has been successfully selling vaporizer related products since 2013. With our Bluecrown Extracts™ brand we set out to design a high-end CBD vaping experience that’s all utility but still looks great!

We're a small company with big experience. Our employees have over 10 years experience in the vaping industry. We take our time crafting and testing our small-batch blends and we never cut corners. This enables us to provide a superior CBD vaping experience for our customers. We know our carts, oils, and concentrates!

If you have any questions or concerns about our product please don't hesitate to contact us: support@bluecrownextracts.com

Bluecrown Extracts™
30 Hillside Avenue
Springfield Township, NJ 07081
Phone: 1-973-379-2394